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Globalisasi - Penyempitan Peradaban Dunia

Globalisasi - Penyempitan  Peradaban Dunia : Konstelasi dunia dan peradaban manusia dimana pembangunan ekonomi, sosial, politik dan kebudayaan beroperasi telah dan tengah berubah secara dramatis dewasa ini. Perubahan-perubahan tersebut sangat dipengaruhi oleh sebuah proses dimana terjadinya pengintensifan jaringan-jaringan hubungan sosial dan ekonomi yang luar biasa.

The Great Barrier of Communication

The Great Barrier of Communication - You might speak for a minute or one to two hours, yet in the end you find that your audiences don't understand the word you just said. Do you have a bad communication skill or your audiences are just dumb? Lots of you must have felt the expression above. From my personal experience, the fault is neither in the speaker nor the audiences. The fault lies in the process. It is called The

Non-Verbal Communication

Non-Verbal Communication - There are many basic channels of non verbal communication like facial expression, eye contact, body movement and posture and finally touching. FACIAL EXPRESSION or UNMASKING THE FACE, ONE of the roman philosophers said like FACE IS THE INDEX OF OUR MIND. It is possible to learn much about others current moods and feelings from their facial expression.

Peer Mediator

Peer Mediator - Mediation practices have been implemented as an alternative to settling disputes in an otherwise confrontational, win or lose battlefield amongst all types of people in society, and for all types of issues. Issues for which mediation has proven effective range from parent-child relationships all the way up to international political disputes. But one of the most novel implementations of the mediation forum is with youth.

A History Of Emoticons

A History Of Emoticons - Emoticons, those tiny glyphs found in messages all over the world wide web, are aids to understanding. Communication in text lacks the body language and facial expressions that help convey meaning. Emoticon, small glyphs that indicate the emotional overtone of a statement, help replace that lost meaning. They are not unique to computer systems. In the heyday of amateur radio, operators using Morse